ENTER INDONESIA is the best solution to reduce electricity bills at home, shop houses, buildings, hotels,example of article writing thesis of a critical analysis essay restaurants, etc. because this tool functions to eliminate false power/wasteful current/power loss/induction on any electrical/electronic equipment made of coils such as: air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, water pump, TV, computer, TL lamp, fan, etc. So it saves electricity costs that we have to pay every month, up to 40% without violating the PLN.

ENTER INDONESIA is a German technology power saver tool with main functions including:

 FIRST; Save electric power by absorbing (reducing) apparent power/wasteful/induction currents on every electrical/electronic equipment made of coils such as: AC, Refrigerator,example of article writing thesis of a critical analysis essay Washing Machine, TV, Computer, Lights, Vacuum Cleaner, etc.

 SECOND; Hold the initial pull on the high power/electronic device (Soft start) so that it simultaneously functions to maximize the installed power and prevent the fuse from falling /the MCB drops below the KWH Meter due to excess power load.

By installing ENTER INDONESIA home / office / warehouse / building / shop / showroom etc, then this tool will ultimately reduce KWH Meter rotation so that it saves electricity costs that must be paid by consumers every month.



1) Save electricity power 10s / d 40% / month

2) Reducing the start pull (Start Off)

3) Extend the life of electrical equipment

4) Making automatic fuses / MCBs do not fall easily

5) Helps stabilize tension

6) One unit works for the entire installation

7) Easy to install and maintenance free

8) Legal does not damage and harm PLN.

9) Warranty for 5 years as proof of the quality of European standard power (Germany).


  • Brand : Enter Indonesia (Jermany Tech)
  • Type : Multy PowerWork
  • Capacity : 450 watts – 4400 watts
  • Working voltage : 200 volts – 450 volts
  • Cable : NYMHY 0.75mm 2phase, SNI
  • Dimensions : 12.5 x 8.5 x 5 cm
  • Net weight : 280 gramsNH
  • Fuse     : 2 Ampere -3 Ampere


How to install ENTER INDONESIA easily and practically installed by a technician or simply plugged in the socket in the house that is located closest to the MCB / PPHB installed inside the house but for maximum results it should be installed on the Direct MCB / PPHB (Usually located in the guest room), then this tool will automatically work in all electricity networks in the house and absorb wasteful / induction currents on any electrical / electronic equipment that we are using, thereby reducing the electricity consumption of each equipment that we are using, and ultimately saving electricity costs that must be we pay every month


  1. Date of Establishment: July 21, 2014
  2. Notary: H. Zaini Zein, SH
  3. Notary Deed Number: Number 4 dated July 21, 2014
  4. Ratification of the Agency: Number AHU-19100.40.10
  5. Law on July 23, 2014
  6. Amendment Deed: Notary Kezia Janty Lega, S.H., M.Kn
  7. Number of Amendment Deed: Number 22 dated January 25, 2018
  8. Ratification of the Agency: Number AHU-AH.01.03-0039139 Law of Amendment dated January 26, 2018
  9. SIUP: Number 13.152.01 / 1,824,271
  10. SITU / HO: Number 1383 / 1,824 / VIII / 2014
  11. TDP: Number
  12. NPWP: Number 70,869,830.9-023,000
  13. Letter of Information on Domicile: Number 1538 / 1-824 / 11/2014 Legality of Power Saver (Electric)


    1. Brand Enter Indonesia Certificate at Dirjen HAKI Number: IDM000507801

    1. Passed BPPT Laboratory Test Number: 021 / LAP-JATEK / B2TE / BPPT / III / 2014
    2. Presidential Instruction Number 10 of 2005 concerning Power Savers
    3. Decree of the Minister of Public Works Number: 023 / PRT / 1978

  1. Letter of Director General of Electricity to Director of Commerce and Customer Service of PT PLN (Persero) No. 2491/44 / 640.2 / 2006 Dated July 24, 2006 concerning the use of a Power Saver that is against the law (not yet passed the Independent Laboratory test)